Escape from Sinaloa

This will be the first time that either Hyein or I set foot on mainland Mexico. This is also our first ferry crossing of roughly 4 or 5 that we are planning, so this will set the bar for ease and comfort.


Since we did all the immigration paperwork in Tijuana, the whole procedure from getting into the port to sitting down on the ferry took about 45 minutes. The car was weighed and measured, our Hodori came out to 5.5 m in length and 3500kg (not sure exactly).  If you ever decide to do the same thing, then it will cost you ~$4800 mexican pesos for the car and 2 people. We found out the hard way, once you are out of the vehicle – they will NOT let you go back to the deck to get something from your car.




Saying good bye to Baja! Thank you for the good times, we will back again to explore it in more detail. Can’t believe we have lived for so many years next to it, without setting foot in this amazing place. Northern Baja is nothing compared to the South. The further you go, the more picturesque the landscapes become.



Unlike Baja, with its cacti and dessert feel, Mazatlan is a much more tropical place. The air is warm and humid, the ocean feels like its 85F… i didnt have a thermometer with me.  We parked the car in a campsite right on the beach. Lucky for us, it was the first day that the campground opened, so there was barely anyone there.  After a quick lunch we went to explore the central part.




If not for the palm trees, this could be a view from somewhere in Spain. I’m starting to realize now that you can’t have a Mexican town without some sort of cathedral in its center. The image above is a stock photo of a cathedral….or its the Mazatlan one? I dont know and its not important.

BUT, you know what is important? Something that you probably didn’t know?

Mexico has amazing pastries…I mean there are pastry shops everywhere and they are DELICIOUS. Forget the tacos and the grasshoppers, this is the real shit.




For $3 you can get like 6 or 7 different pastries, that were made this morning or just out of the oven.

They also make cakes. Wish i could have my wedding again 🙂




Walking around the center and beach areas, you got the feeling that the whole city of Mazatlan (the tourist part), was a large school play that was in its final rehearsal. The set crew was finishing up all the sidewalks and hastily painting the hotels, the light crew was testing out their new projectors, the ushers in their freshly ironed police uniforms were preparing for their opening day. The day that real winter finally hits North America and Mazatlan will be flooded with flip-flop wearing pasty whitewalkers.



Next on our map was Guadalajara, but we couldn’t get there in a day so we had to stop in a town called Tepic for the nigh

Okay, the town itself is nothing to write home about, so i won’t. It does sit in a really pretty area, in the middle of green hills and old volcanoes. In the morning the the clouds, like steam in the shower rise up along the slope of green jungle.

We stayed in an RV park in the center of the city and were the only people there. The host was a bit surprised to see us, but offered a great welcome with fruits from the property.



Also, they had WiFi that covered the whole lot and was crazy fast. We spent the whole night planning our trip down south.

The internets told us that Tepic has some ruins, called Jujua. We tried to go and see them, mostly because we were already in the town. Sadly, we can report that the ruins are there and they are closed….for renovations. I mean conservation i understand, but who the hell renovates ruins?



Screw this, lets go to Guadalajara!

Boom…you are here. And unlike us, you didn’t need to spend hours driving and another couple of hours of people in Guadalajara trying to nonchalantly kill you with their driving.


Shit….did i mix up the photos with Mazatlan? Anyway, here is another cathedral…most likely from Guadlajara, but who knows.

The important thing you need to know about Guadalajara is that it has the largest indoor market in Central America…maybe even the entire the planet!


It looks like a danky building from the outside, but dont be afraid to walk in. Inside there are 3 levels, but we only care about the second level. That’s where all the local foods are at!

Prepare, we are going to switch from a travel blog to a hipster’s foodie blog for a minute. Its worth it.

Just like Merry and Pippin we had our breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, luncheon and afternoon tea there. We only left, because the sight of food no longer excited us, but made us feel a little bit nauseous.

Back at camp, we met a local kid, Gail, who worked at the nearby circus as a juggler. He was really excited to hang out with us and shows us around. He also reminds me of our dear friend Boris Ahumada!



Next up…..was supposed to be Morelia! We got there, saw almost a hundred federalies in riot gear and large signs on the side of the road saying – “white people go home”. And decided to drive straight to Mexico city.


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